Adrenal Rebuilder Caplets

Adrenal Rebuilder Caplets

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When the adrenal glands are overworked by stress or illness, both their function and structure need support.* Dr. Wilson?s Adrenal Rebuilder? provides naturally bioavailable building blocks your body can readily use to help support healthy adrenal structure and promote optimal function of your adrenals and the other endocrine glands affected by stress.

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This unique dietary supplement is composed of carefully balanced amounts of dried extracts from the main glands involved in the stress response (adrenals, gonads, hypothalamus and pituitary). These porcine glandular concentrates are specially processed to remove the hormones and retain important natural building blocks made up of protein structures and other nutrients specific to each gland. Once ingested, these nutritional components become readily available to help structurally fortify and promote healthy, normal function in these same glands in your body.*

Your body has the same response to all stress, regardless of the cause, and your adrenal glands are key to this stress response. Every time you experience any kind of stress there is an inner chain reaction that prepares you to physically respond to the stressor while also preserving the physiological balace necessary to keep you alive (homeostasis). It starts when the hypothalamus in your brain signals your pituitary gland to activate stress hormone production by your adrenal glands. Adrenal stress hormones like cortisol affect almost every cell and process in your body, including energy production, immune activity, cellular maintenance and repair, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular function, sleep cycles, menstruation, libido and mental focus. So for each and every stress response, your adrenals have to produce the right amount of hormones to generate energy, gear up your body for action and biochemically modulate the activity of almost every other system. This is why hardy adrenal glands and sound functioning of this response system are essential to your ability to cope with stress and maintain wellbeing in stressful times

Over the centuries, glandular extracts have been taken to enhance health and are known clinically for their usefulness.* There are many scientific papers that support their efficacy.* Scientists have demonstrated that when a particular gland is consumed, constituents of that gland migrate to and are incorporated into the same gland within the body.* The glandular extracts in Adrenal Rebuilder come from the glands most important to your ability to withstand stress, especially the adrenal glands. Because Adrenal Rebuilder contains a carefully balanced blend of glandular tissue concentrates in the same form in which they occur in nature (but with the hormones removed), it provides already constructed protein building blocks and synergistic nutrients that are tailormade for those same glands in your body.* It is much easier and takes less energy for your body to incorporate these already formed components than to make everything from scratch.* These nutrient complexes are uniquely beneficial to the corresponding glands and cannot be found in a vitamin/ mineral supplement.* When the glands of the stress response system are properly nourished and supported, they are better able to function soundly, produce balanced amounts of stress hormones, rebound more quickly and handle a greater stress load, whatever its source.* Because the adrenals rapidly use up nutrients and have to work vigorously to produce hormones throughout every stressful period, maintaining adrenal hardiness is essential to stress resilience.*

The glandular tissues used in Adrenal Rebuilder have been processed to remove the hormones and steroids (a type of adrenal hormone) that may be naturally present in these glands. This specially designed formula provides natural nutritive building blocks that support optimal adrenal structure and function so that the adrenal glands themselves can produce healthy amounts of the adrenal hormones as needed.*

(BSE). The ingredients in Adrenal Rebuilder are all from porcine (hog) sources. Pork is prion free and these freerange hogs are never fed any animal products. So be assured that Adrenal Rebuilder contains no prions.*

Suggested use:

1 caplet 3-6 times a day (1 upon rising, 1 at noon and 1 before bed; 1 additional caplet may be taken up to 3 times throughout the day, if desired). The caplets are designed to break down in stages in your digestive tract for optimal absorption, so spreading the caplets out throughout the day helps ensure a continuous supply of nutrients.* Adrenal Rebuilder begins to work right away but people typically notice a difference within 4-6 weeks of regularly taking this supplement.* Because Adrenal Rebuilder is designed to deeply replenish the stress response glands, results appear slowly and some people may give up before having a chance to experience the full benefit.* It is important to allow adequate time for this formula to work properly – a minimum of 6 months to 2 years, depending on how depleted the adrenals are, lifestyle and overall health.*